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When I became a Christian, I was like many people who did not really know God as he is—a loving and gracious Father. My family and I moved to Kansas, and then to Oklahoma, in the mid-70s, during the Charismatic Renewal, and It was at that point in my life I began to see God in a totally different way. I did not realize that He loved me, Jan Duval. I certainly did not know that He wanted to talk to me personally! As I studied the scriptures and learned more and more about Jesus and His relationship with His Father and understood that the Father wanted a similar relationship with me, I was over the moon!
Each morning, I could hardly wait for my family to leave for the day so that I could have my time of fellowship with God. It was in those times that I began to write the things I felt God was telling me.

I love how tenderly and patiently Father God teaches profound, amusing, and down-to-earth life lessons from everyday events. God is amazing!
I hope these writings will encourage, inspire, and add some humor to the reader.

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The Metron

The word metron is a  term defining measurement. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary it means: the minimal


Like so many people I have wanted to have a closer relationship with God and


I was visiting a church with a friend and heard a message from the man who